Cessna A-37 Dragonfly, Comm Mods

Performed avionics/antenna modifications on the Cessna A-37 “Dragonfly” in Tucson, Arizona, with A.E.S. for U.S. Air Force and Flight Test Associates. The light attack aircraft evolved from the USAF T-37 “Tweet” trainer. Stronger wings, wing pylons, tip tanks, machine gun, better avionics, and tougher landing gear led to the A-37 configuration. Preceded by the T-6 Texan in its attack/counterinsurgency role, the Dragonfly was also used in a Euro-NATO joint training project. It was first used for counterinsurgency in Vietnam. The similarly named T-6 Texan II would later replace T-37 trainers.

Air National Guard, Special Forces Ops, and Reserves continued to use both models into late 80s, in part due to their simplicity, low cost, and effectiveness for insurgent warfare. Of the over 600 A-37 aircraft built, only nine remain on the FAA aircraft registry.