Tanis Aircraft Products – Building Brand and eCommerce Launch

Tanis Preheat System
We’ve Got the Cure for the Common Cold – Tanis Preheat System, Print Ad

Tanis Aircraft Products is the leading producer of aircraft engine and cabin preheat systems. Founded on sound principles, Tanis has been the go-to solution to a recognized problem in aviation for decades—cold weather can result in costly damage to aircraft engines and systems. The well-established company was deliberating acquisition on the retirement of its owner/director. Tanis came to Connect Communications with the aim of strengthening its brand and positioning.

The company’s uniquely conceived systems have notable advantages over competitive products. A Tanis multi-point preheat system will thoroughly heat-soak an engine, lengthening engine life and protecting it from cold starts and damaging moisture. Operating within the niche market of general aviation, Tanis stands out on fulfilling its promise and offers the only product designed to fit a variety of specific applications. Tanis subsists on quality, performance and customer service, and Connect Communications delivered timely and effective advertising, PR and website development support.

Tanis Preheat System
The Most Thoroughly Applied Heating Method Available – Tanis Preheat System, Show Banner
Tanis Rotorcraft Preheat System
Tanis Aircraft Products, Rotorcraft Preheat System

Tanis, though acquired by Hartzell Propeller in July 2021, was purchased by Bob Krueger from its founder, Peter Tanis, in 2006. Krueger grew the firm for five-plus years then sought retirement and an ownership successor. During his search, investments were made in the company in the form of product updates, a launch into Web commerce, event promotions, new hirings, industry partnerships, and exploration of new markets.

With the help of Connect Communications, a bolder image was created for the long-established company. Tanis holds numerous patents, dating back to 1976, for its aircraft and engine preheat systems. They are recognized as the de facto leader in both the aircraft and helicopter markets. Tanis offers the most thorough preheat system available with its “multipoint” heaters and simple plug-in operation.

Tanis the Leader in Preheat
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