MU-2 Magazine Article

MU-2 Magazine October 2014 Roy Kinsey
Roy Kinsey, Flying With WWII Veterans. Owner/Operator Spotlight—Roy Kinsey—published in MU-2 Magazine, October 2014

1,000-Hour MU-2 pilot Roy Kinsey participated in a July 4th celebration that included flying in his 1943 Boeing Stearman in a ceremony honoring World War II veterans. He’s flown many aircraft from Cubs to pressurized Barons. Yet his selection of the MU-2 came by surprise.

On a trip to Alaska, Kinsey had stopped in Ketchikan for fuel and witnessed an MU-2 landing, flown by none other than Franklin Graham, son of the late Billy Graham. While halfway to Anchorage, Graham’s MU-2 passed Kinsey’s Baron, to his surprise. He emphasized, “the Baron is well regarded as a fast airplane,” and now his MU-2 “saves a bunch of time.”