AeroExpo & HeliExpo UK 2015 Liaison/Correspondent

AeroExpo & HeliExpo UK
AeroExpo & HeliExpo UK, the UK’s Festival of Aviation, held at Sywell Aerodrome May 29-31, 2015. Sywell Aerodrome serves the towns of Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering, Milton Keynes, Bedford and Rushden. The onsite Sywell Aviation Museum features exhibits from the Second World War and beyond.

SwitchBox Control – Press Relations

IceBox with IceBox Control app
Remotely controlled IceBox Portable Air Conditioner with IceBox Control app

SwitchBox Control is an innovator in portable cooling systems. The small company started in the proverbial “garage” (actually in a compact NYC apartment) and operates in the surprisingly robust, yet competitive market of private aircraft owners. While general aviation is a decidedly niche industry, the founder’s passion for flying serves to fuel his enthusiasm. Following acceptance of the IceBox Portable aircraft cabin cooling system, the company has expanded its market to include recreational vehicles and boating.

SwitchBox Control offers a better “mousetrap” (actually a portable cooling system) and an app to go along with it. To reach the key media contacts and to gain visibility in the general aviation marketplace, SwitchBox Control came to Connect Communications. Our press announcements were picked up by all the leading aviation publications, both in print and online. The results were an immediate boost in sales activity.

SwitchBox is a remote power unit than can switch on/off connected devices.

In 2014, the company introduced an update to its namesake product, Switchbox, a remote power switching device. Operation of the remote unit is performed via a cellular wireless connection from the user’s phone. One common use for the device is to power on an aircraft engine preheater. Connect Communications continues to consult with the client on the nuances, trends, and niche of general aviation consumers.