Bearhawk Aircraft News – Summer 2019

Bearhawk Aircraft manufactures high quality quick-build aircraft kits for the Bearhawk 4-Place, and the Bearhawk Patrol and LSA two-place tandem models. These aircraft have in common excellent utility and superb flying characteristics. Bearhawks are known for their short field capability, higher than expected cruise speeds, and very gentle slow speed manners.

Bearhawk Aircraft and the many builders and owners are excited to be once again participating in AirVenture Oshkosh—the world’s greatest aviation experience. For a glimpse of what you can expect to see, here’s what’s new at Bearhawk Aircraft:

Bearhawk 4-Place Skylight Option

We are changing the design of the ceiling of the 4-Place so it can either have a skylight or fabric with no modification. Should be well received. -Mark Goldberg, president of Bearhawk Aircraft

Bearhawk Sales and Support in Brazil

A new Brazilian distributor is taking possession of the first Bearhawk LSA kit to arrive in Brazil.

Bearhawk LSA Meets Canada’s Advanced Ultralight Category

In Canada they have a category of planes called Advanced Ultra-Light Aeroplane. Our LSA can live within that category.

Bearhawk Completed in 6½ Months

A Patrol flew in Virginia after only 6½ months of building time. Record time.

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