Bearhawk Aircraft Announces First Deliveries of New Bearhawk Companion Kits

AUSTIN, TEXAS, JANUARY 24, 2020 – Bearhawk Aircraft announced today the first two Bearhawk Companion kits have arrived at their respective customer’s hangars. The new Bearhawk Companion is a side-by-side two-place aircraft. Introduced in August 2019, the Companion is STOL capable, cruises at 130–150 MPH, and carries from 950 to 1,150 lb. of payload.

Joining the Bearhawk lineup, the Companion complements other Bearhawk aircraft ranging in size from 1,320 lb. (LSA) to 2,500 lb. gross weight with two or four seats. All models enjoy significant payload capability and durable construction. Designed by Bob Barrows, Bearhawk aircraft feature aluminum wings completely flush riveted, a super strong steel tube fuselage, and fast cruise speeds with excellent slow speed manners.

Greg Charest took delivery of the first Bearhawk Companion kit this month. In selecting the Bearhawk Companion, Charest desired an aircraft with proven strength and a wide performance envelope. His dilemma was deciding between the Bearhawk 4-Place and Bearhawk Patrol, then the Companion was introduced.

Bearhawk Companion Kit Delivery

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