MagniGyro in Sardinia

MagniGyro is a manufacturer of light gyrocopter aircraft based in Besnate, Italy and founded by Vittorio Magni in 1986. I encountered a group of pilots flying an assortment of MagniGyro models here in Sardegna this summer (2022). The company has built more than 1,300 examples, based on a 2021 press announcement.

Our aero club ULCOR (Ultralight Club Oristano) was notified of their arrival, however, the date and time were such that we were not able to greet them accordingly. I happened to be returning from the beach and was able to stop by after the group had landed.

As you can deduce from the photos it was a warm and dry day, not uncommon for August. We gathered in the shade, they stretched their legs and rebalanced fuel prior to departure for their next destination.

I was told they had grouped and launched from Milan, flew southeast along the Ligurian coastline, made the crossing over Isola d’Elba, then flying along the eastern shoreline of Corsica, reached Sardegna. They would continue south into Sardinia along its western shoreline before making their return.

An enviable trip by any measure, the colorful flight garnered attention from beachgoers and others in the flying communities they traversed.