American Legend Aircraft Company Delivers its First Legend Cub Light-Sport Aircraft

SULPHUR SPRINGS, TEXAS, AUGUST 22, 2005– American Legend Aircraft Company announced today the delivery of the first Legend Cub light-sport aircraft to Rich Giannotti of Brookhaven, Long Island, New York. Legend publicly introduced its Cub design at an event held at the factory on March 11th, where those in attendance saw the Cub take its first ceremonial flight.

Rich Giannotti is a high time pilot who has been flying since 1968. He is a certified flight instructor with both advanced and instrument ratings. Giannotti is a retired Senior VP from the telecommunications industry. He plans to enjoy his time flying in his new Legend Cub. Giannotti commented on taking delivery of the aircraft, “This is the best aircraft to fit my mission for flying, and the best possible Cub that I could have found on the market today.”

American Legend Aircraft Company President, Tim Elliott, had this to say about delivering the first Legend Cub: “This is an exciting time for the people at Legend. We love airplanes and we especially love the Cub. Building Rich’s airplane from the ground up was a pleasure, and seeing him take delivery was an emotional high. We are looking forward to many similar experiences with future Legend customers.”

The Legend Cub is a two-place, single engine piston powered aircraft designed to meet Light-Sport Aircraft category certification requirements. It will have an empty weight of 850 lbs. The Legend Cub is propelled by a 100-horsepower Continental O–200 engine with electric start. With the optional floats, the aircraft will be capable of water takeoffs and landings. The Legend Cub is bringing back the enjoyment and economics of general aviation aircraft for today’s flying enthusiast.

American Legend Marks The Three-Year Anniversary Of Its 1st Legend Cub Delivery

SULPHUR SPRINGS, TEXAS, AUGUST 22, 2008 – American Legend Aircraft Company announced today the three-year anniversary of its first Legend Cub customer delivery. On August 22, 2005, American Legend handed over the keys to the company’s first newly manufactured Legend Cub to Rich Giannotti of Long Island, New York. This significant event launched the startup company into aviation history.

In the three years since Giannotti’s delivery, American Legend and Texas Sport Aircraft Company (manufacturer of the amateur-built Cub kit) have delivered over 160 aircraft. The Legend Cub has become the most popular American-manufactured light-sport aircraft—a FAA certification category unique the U.S. With six models to choose from, including one open cowl and two closed cowl models, the Legend Combat, the Legend Cub Special, and the Legend FloatCub, American Legend offers one of the most thrilling, versatile aircraft in the category.

The Legend Cub is a built-to-order aircraft. It offers the factory new appeal of any vehicle off the showroom floor. The Legend Cub is available in a choice of two engines with over ten propeller options, all with electric start. The aircraft can be flown in five different landing configurations, including three wheel sizes, floats, and skis. A wide variety of comfort, convenience, and safety options also enhance the flying experience.

Since the introduction of the Legend Cub, American Legend has journeyed to Sun ‘n Fun, AirVenture Oshkosh, and Sentimental Journey—all three shows in each of the last four years. At these events, the company was welcomed with great enthusiasm by fans of recreational and nostalgic flying. American Legend is the leader in sales of Continental Motors engines to light-sport aircraft manufacturers and also leads the company’s venerable O-200 model sales. Originally priced at under $75,000, new Legend Cub aircraft are holding their values as costs have driven LSA prices over the $100K mark.

Rich Giannotti commented on why he chose American Legend, “After flying for over forty years and owning seven airplanes at different times, choosing the Legend Cub was the best choice I have ever made involving aviation.” He added, “I don’t think Dusty is the highest time Legend (it has just under 300 hours on the tach), but I have flown it every time I wanted to with minimal down time for maintenance. The support from the factory has been excellent.”

American Legend Aircraft Company makes today’s most authentic and most affordable new Cubs. The company manufactures the FAA-certified Legend Cub for sport, recreation, and training. The Legend Cub design is based on the J-3, PA-11, and L-4 Piper Cubs, and PA-18 Super Cub, and incorporates features most wanted by today’s Cub pilots. The company’s restoration services division performs work on most tube-and-fabric aircraft, and manufactures parts to original manufacturer’s specifications. Texas Sport Aircraft Company manufactures the amateur-built Texas Sport Cub kit based on the #1 selling American made light-sport Legend Cub.


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