American Legend Aircraft Company Introduces its Legend Cub Special

SULPHUR SPRINGS, TEXAS, APRIL 3, 2006 – American Legend Aircraft Company announced today the introduction of its Legend Cub Special, a variant of the Legend Cub 2-place sport aircraft. The Legend Cub Special is an evolutionary next step in the development of a family of aircraft produced by the company.

American Legend Aircraft Company offers the new Legend Cub Special with a variety of standard features. Most notably, the Legend Cub Special introduces a new two-tone paint scheme. Cubs have always been notable for being all yellow with a black lightning bolt on the side of the fuselage. However, the original Cub Special, first produced in 1947, donned a two-color fuselage reminiscent of the Aeronca Champ yellow and orange pattern. The Legend Cub Special for 2006, sports a similar two-tone paint scheme incorporating a sweeping curve that divides top and bottom of the fuselage.

In addition to the new paint, the Legend Cub Special comes with a number of customer-demanded features. These include a special leather interior, adjustable pilot air vents, an interior light, and a Nav/Comm avionics package. Instrumentation includes the Garmin SL40 Comm and GTX 327 transponder, a panel-dock-mounted Garmin 396 color moving map GPS, and a PS Engineering intercom. Other standard features of the Legend Cub Special are strobe, Nav, interior and landing lights; an air/oil separator; an oil quick drain; a composite propeller; and large 8.00 x 6 tires. An optional EFIS package includes the new Dynon FlightDEK-D180.

With the introduction of the Legend Cub Special, American Legend has taken a similar next step approach as did William Piper with his historic J-3 Cub. Piper followed the J-3 with the PA-11 Cub Special (also L-18 military variant). Today’s descendent of the immortal Cub, the Legend Cub Special combines the best of the old and the best of the new. The Legend Cub Special from American Legend Aircraft Company is an enhanced version of the proven, standard Legend Cub.

American Legend Aircraft Company is a manufacturer of recreational aircraft that meet Light-Sport Aircraft certification requirements. Their Legend Cub is 2-place design derived from the classic Cub. It is powered by a 100-hp Continental O–200 engine with electric start. A variety of options are available including choice of interior, avionics, wheels, floats, etc. The Legend Cub is bringing back the enjoyment and economics of general aviation aircraft to today’s flying enthusiasts.


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