Gig ’em Spirit Warm Fuzzy

This was 1984. There were no cell phones. The Internet and email were in their infancies. MTV was a popular music video channel and texting tiny text pictures was not a thing. But the weepul (wee people) was. This emoji critter was the product of three Texas A&M University students and could be found in campus bookstores and other locations throughout Aggieland. They sold like penny candy at the register. Thumbs up to pre-emoji era pom poms.

Gig'em Spirit as a weepul, pom pom critter, or warm fuzzy
Gig’em Spirit® as a weepul, pom pom critter, or “warm fuzzy”—the emoji of the early 1980s.

Newspaper Delivery

San Antonio Light Newspaper, June 10, 1977.
One of my first jobs was delivering newspapers in San Antonio. Here’s the front page from the San Antonio Light Newspaper, June 10, 1977 (note the “No Nudes is Good Nudes” masthead). The Sunday papers back then were anything but light. Nevertheless, I’d load up the shoulder satchels, hop on my bike, and block-by-block lessen the load on my wheels. Before the sun came up, I’d be back in bed.