Bearhawk 4-Place Aircraft Available With DeltaHawk Engine Option

AUSTIN, TEXAS, AUGUST 2, 2023 – Bearhawk Aircraft announced today the availability of the new DeltaHawk DHK180 jet fuel burning piston engine as an option for its signature Bearhawk 4-Place aircraft. DeltaHawk Engines Inc., based in Racine, Wisconsin, will develop a firewall forward package to complete the DHK180 engine installation on a Bearhawk aircraft.

The new DeltaHawk DHK180 engine recently received FAA Type Certification. This is the first small engine certified by the FAA since the 1960s. DeltaHawk is now starting its engine production process, and initial deliveries are planned for the first half of 2024.

The DHK180 is a revolutionary clean-sheet design delivering 180 horsepower at 2600 RPM. In addition to burning jet fuel, the engine offers ease of operation, high fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance, and superior altitude performance compared to traditional aircraft piston engines. Bearhawk Aircraft kits are known for their exemplary bush flying capabilities, rugged design, and all-around outstanding performance. The combined efforts of Bearhawk and DeltaHawk will break new ground in the piston aircraft market.

“We are contacted often by pilots all over the world in locations where 100LL avgas is unavailable or very expensive. For these builders, the DeltaHawk represents a great option. In addition, many builders in the U.S. want alternative engine choices. The economical and Jet A burning DeltaHawk will be attractive,” said Mark Goldberg, president of Bearhawk Aircraft.

Dennis Webb, an aircraft Engine DER at DeltaHawk directing the certification effort, added, “Bearhawk designs are extraordinary aircraft in terms of payload and STOL capability, combined with fast cruise speeds. The DeltaHawk DHK180 in a Bearhawk will significantly expand its capabilities, especially with regards to altitude performance, range, and lower cost of operation.”

The development of DeltaHawk’s new Bearhawk engine installation package is presently underway on a Bearhawk 4-Place. Both companies are excited about what the highly innovative new DHK180 engine, combined with the legendary performance of Bearhawk aircraft, will bring to Bearhawk builders and the flying community. While the Bearhawk is offered in kit form, or can be built from plans, the DHK180 is a certified engine with applications on both experimental and standard category certified aircraft.

Bearhawk aircraft models are available in 2-, 4- and 6-place configurations. All Bearhawk aircraft excel at accessing remote airstrips and are renown for their rugged construction and carrying capacity. Avipro / Bearhawk Aircraft manufactures high quality Quick Build kits for the Bearhawk 4-Place Model B, Bearhawk Patrol, Bearhawk Companion, Bearhawk LSA, and Bearhawk Model 5.

For more information on Bearhawk Aircraft, visit, or contact Bearhawk at or 1-877-528-4776, or 512-626-7886.

For more information on DeltaHawk Engines, visit, or contact DeltaHawk at or 1-888-434-2958, or 262-583-4500.

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