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SwitchBox Announces Bluetooth Controller with Free App for IceBox Portable Air Conditioner

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, APRIL 14, 2015 – SwitchBox Control introduced an industry first Bluetooth Controller and Free App for its IceBox portable air conditioner. Designed to maximize effectiveness of the IceBox A/C, the Bluetooth Controller and Free App for IceBox offer wireless operation and a new on-screen temperature display, longer lasting cooling power, reduced power consumption, hardware pump control, plus weather reporting. With the new Free App, IceBox becomes the first device in its category to offer this combination of features and performance.

Pilots struggle with high heat in their aircraft cabin while on the ramp or in a hangar on sweltering days. Also, flying low in warm air on a summer day and exposure to the sun’s rays can prolong heat in a cabin. The IceBox Portable Air Conditioner from SwitchBox Control, has revolutionized the portable A/C market with its new engineered solution. The Bluetooth Controller for IceBox uses smart algorithms, a revolutionary pump control design and on-screen temperature display. Together, the new Bluetooth Controller and Free App bring an industry first to the aviation community.

The IceBox solution for a portable air conditioning system is applicable to all airplanes; or virtually any car, boat, or other enclosure. Many users with factory air conditioning, like Cirrus, Pilatus, King Air and even Gulfstream jets, have used the portable IceBox A/C for years with the external battery (optional). Pre-cooling before or after flight with the aircraft engine and master switch off has saved pilots thousands of dollars in extra fuel and operating costs.

With the new Bluetooth Controller and Free App, the duration of IceBox’ cooling effectiveness is extended and power consumption is reduced. In addition, the Free App allows monitoring of output air temperature and creates easy to read (time vs. temp/pump) graphs after a flight session. When cellular/data coverage is available, current Temperature, Wind and Humidity levels, as well as a 4-day Extended Forecast, are displayed on the App.

The reason for the IceBox Bluetooth Controller’s greater efficacy is its ability to pull all the BTUs of energy out of the radiator coils. Rather than running constantly on a full flow, the App cycles cold water through its radiator before replenishing with new cold water. By simply moving a finger across the App’s pump slider the duty cycle of the water pump can be changed. This makes the coolant/ice last longer, plus it reduces power consumption.

IceBox provides more features and cooling power than any of its competitors. In addition to the industry first App and pump controls, IceBox includes the only full accessory package using custom gel packs, pilot cables and a battery system for pre-cooling the aircraft and draining the IceBox post-flight. The Icebox ships with power cable (15’), extension air tube (52”), and drain hose (6’), each longer than any competitor, and a two-device wireless remote.

Special pricing on IceBox is available during Sun ‘n Fun 2015. New customers can get the Bluetooth Controller for just $1, a savings of over $150 off a complete IceBox system. See the IceBox with Bluetooth Controller demonstration at Sun ‘n Fun at the Aircraft Spruce booth in hangar B. For online orders, use coupon code BLUETOOTHSNF. Offer ends Monday, April 27, 2015.

The IceBox from Switch Box Control is a portable air conditioning system, for your airplane, boat, car, etc. It provides aircraft cabin cooling prior to engine start, plus hours of additional air conditioning. Pricing starts at $299, with optional equipment including a stand-alone battery system, gel packs, pilot cable, Bluetooth Controller and Free App.

SwitchBox Control is an innovator in convenience solutions for pilots and others who lead an active lifestyle. IceBox comes with a one-year manufacturer parts and labor warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantee. Products can be found at Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co., McFarlane Aviation Products and online forums for Beechcraft, Mooney, Cirrus, Piper, Cessna, and Vans RV aircraft. For further information, contact SwitchBox Control at 347-871-4353; or visit

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