Kitenergy is the Future in Power Generation

Impromptu Meetings and Interesting Discoveries

There’s an innovative new energy technology from a company called Kitenergy. Few people have heard of them. The Kitenergy concept is simple: harness energy from altitude and wind. The technology is already proving to be highly efficient, infinitely renewable, and perhaps best of all, portable. I became acquainted with Kitenergy, by sheer coincidence, while the company was testing their latest prototype at a small airport on a Mediterranean island.

Kitenergy creates electrical power by use of a tethered airfoil, or kite, alternating on a continuous cycle of casting and reeling. As the kite is cast, elevating, energy is converted to power. As the kite is reeled in, recoiled, a surplus of power is retained. There’s beauty, literally as in nature, in its simplicity.

Based on the premise that high-altitude winds offer a stronger form of kinetic energy than surface winds, the kite works to harness this energy, converting it to electrical power. Driven solely by atmospheric circulation, power is collected from the freely available energy source. Through an intelligent system of managing energy and storing reserves, the result is a self-sustaining power source.

Kitenergy is likely to be the next big reveal in power generation. Its production costs are small and there’s an unlimited, free supply of the energy source. With the power of wind working to its advantage, with its low impact and true portability, Kitenergy holds immense promise and is likely to be the future in power generation.

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