MOAC, the Mother Of All Cubs, Scores Big at National STOL Competition

SULPHUR SPRINGS, TEXAS, DECEMBER 11, 2020 – American Legend Aircraft Company announced today the addition of two awards from the 2020 Central Florida Classic of the National STOL Competition Series. Challengers from American Legend placed second and fourth in the STOL event final held in Lakeland, Florida, on December 5th.

The National STOL series is an aviation event/activity—sport, one might say—that continues to grow enthusiastically. STOL competitions are where pilots compete on two primary skills related to backcountry flying, Short Take Offs and Landings. The activity dates back to the early 1980s, when Alaskan pilots were offered prizes for displaying their prowess at off-airport departures and arrivals. Similar events have become frequent at fly-ins around the lower 48 states, drawing crowds and building camaraderie among pilots at every skill level.

Pilots from American Legend performed at the Central Florida Classic, in the Experimental class, with their factory demonstrator Mother Of All Cubs, a.k.a. MOAC. The aircraft is an AL18 Legend Cub and a big brother to the Legend Cub S-LSA that first came to Florida in 2005. MOAC boasts a Titan engine beneath its closed pressure cowling. It also features leading edge slats, half-span wing flaps, and 36-inch tundra tires splayed out on a Shock Monster undercarriage from TK1 Racing. In the hands of two well-prepared pilots, MOAC showed once again to be a strong competitor.

The duo of American Legend challengers included John Wisdom who finished with a score of 284 feet and took 2nd place. John’s takeoff distance was recorded as 126 feet and his landing at 158 feet. Luke Spoor scored 336 feet total and took 4th place. Luke’s takeoff distance was 152 feet, and 184 feet in landing. Among pilots of the Legend Cub, these benchmark distances, while remarkable, are routinely achievable given the right wind and field conditions. Published specifications for the company’s Classic Legend Cub boast 210 feet in takeoff ground roll and 210 feet in landing distance. Final standings of the Central Florida Classic can be seen here.

The two Legend competitors flew the same aircraft, albeit in separate heats. (Note: The live streaming announcers were at least initially confused about whom was flying). Luke is the stepson of American Legend Aircraft Company owner Darin Hart. An accomplished youth who has mastered the Legend Cub platform, Luke has enjoyed easy access to the company’s aircraft. He soloed at the age of 16 and received his pilot license at 17. Luke has been flying for 10 years. John is a factory demo pilot and CFI who spends much of his time demonstrating the Legend lineup. John is graciously known as the company’s Chief Fun Instructor.

Darin commented on the Florida Classic, “The guys at did a great job hosting this event. We enjoyed sponsoring and being a part of the competition. It was an exciting weekend for me watching my son compete and do so well up against many great pilots. Luke added, “This was my first time competing in a STOL competition. I was excited when I qualified, and even more excited to learn I came in fourth place.”

The 2020 Central Florida Classic of the National STOL Competition Series was streamed live, and can be watched via replay.

Since their introduction of the Legend Cub, American Legend Aircraft Company has held strong among light aircraft manufacturers. MOAC, designed for personal and backcountry use, is a global phenomenon with standout features, including: Up to 208 horsepower, optimized wing and tail surfaces, Shock Monster TK1 front suspension, aft fuselage storage and turtle deck, seating for up to three, extended rear windows and skylight, doors on both sides, advanced avionics, and much more.

For further information on the Legend Cub, contact American Legend Aircraft Company at 1810 Piper Lane, Sulphur Springs, Texas 75482; call 903-885-7000, or log on to Follow us on and

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John Wisdom and Luke Spoor, STOL competition winners with MOAC.
Rachel Sword (CFI), John Wisdom (CFI), Luke Spoor, and Darin and Randi Hart at Central Florida Classic National STOL Competition.
MOAC on approach during STOL competition at Paradise Field, Lakeland, Florida.

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