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NEWS Legend Cub Smart Updates and Luxury Options

Since the introduction of the Legend Cub in 2005, a lot has changed. Today's "glass panel" and carbon fiber components were nonexistent on standard bright yellow planes of the day. The venerated Cub design had been living for three-quarters of a century essentially in a time capsule.

Then came the Legend Cub with its host of innovations—some so simple with others deftly defined as smart. One simple change was an increase cabin size. Adding a second door, an electric system and other niceties also fell into this category. Smart solutions would make piloting a Cub a safer and even more enjoyable experience. At the press of a button advanced instrument panel options broadly expanded navigation and communications on digital displays. The time capsule had been shattered.

Legend Cub
Simple yet refined, this Legend Cub sports a Garmin aera 796 moving map, multi-function display with electronic flight book.

As we discussed in last month's Liaison Brief, the Legend Cub excels in its purity. What's different today is a fondness for added pleasure and power. Now begins the Legend Cub pilot's push to customize and enhance their classic flying experience. They are upgrading panels, overhauling interiors and scaling up their investment in fun.

Who could have imagined that flying a Cub with a sophisticated smart panel would be as common as the air is alluring at 500 feet AGL? Who could have anticipated an affection for luxury in one flying's simplest of ships?

Legend Cub
The Legend Cub excels at operations 500 feet above ground level.

While instrument panel options abound in the rapidly changing world of flight electronics, the Legend Cub has embraced many. This began with the revolutionary panel-mounted Garmin GPSMAP devices and Dynon glass-panel EFIS systems. Current panels wield large screen multi-function displays such as Garmin's G3X and Dynon's SkyView.

Garmin is continuously enhancing its G3X with offerings in light aircraft well ahead of what's available in commercial and business class aircraft. Touch screen, multiple, fully integrated displays comprise every imaginable option from ADS-B datalink and charts to airport diagrams and flight directors. Only just recently Dynon began offering upgrade incentives in the form of rebates on its classic D10/D100 Series. Both companies are indulging the desires of pilots to follow technology and its advances.

Today many Legend Cub operators, including new buyers and first-time owners of previously owned aircraft, are opting for updates and upgrades. It's true that a Legend Cub can be fitted with autopilot option. It's equally true that it can serve a purpose.

Legend Cub
The Legend Cub leads in its class offering the widest array of choices from engines to avionics to creature comforts.

Easy upgrade options include upsized wheels, including tundra tires now specifically for everyday use. Amazingly comfortable bungee seats in Ultraleather, and storage pockets in all the right places, make the Legend Cub's cabin more alluring and user-friendly. LED leading edge and wingtip lighting greatly enhance landing brightness and the ability to be seen by other pilots.

With a choice among engines and continuous improvements in propeller design, the possibilities to fly in exciting new ways and reach new places are greatly expanded. Only the Legend Cub offers more, now with its 115 HP Lycoming and 180 HP Titan engines and the pleasingly new Catto composite propeller.

When you consider the Legend Cub is a two full-sized occupant configuration with full dual controls plus the ability to solo from either seat, nothing else really compares. Add to that its many baggage compartment configurations and custom designed carbon fiber amphib floats, and the Legend Cub is decidedly unique.

Whether you're flying a Legend Cub now or have always had a hankering to do so, talk with us today about the wide variety of options for making your Cub flying moments the smartest and most luxurious in 2016 and beyond.

For more information on Legend Cub options and upgrades, email us at or call 903-885-7000 today.

LIFESTYLE Legends in Aviation Are Many

Perhaps you're a junkie for excitement in the world of aviation. Recent news tells of an aviation legend recently reborn—the glorious Junkers F13. It was the world's first all-metal transport aircraft, developed in Germany at the end of World War I. That this classic aircraft was brought back to life is testament to its place among legends in the fascinating world of aviation.

Junkers F13
These classic beauties, legendary Junkers, are eye stoppers on the ramp.

Well, nearly as fast the F13, and every bit as gorgeous, the Cub too is a renowned legend in aviation. While the Junkers was all metal, and a bit larger than a Cub, its payload was a slim 1,210 lbs. The F13 carried six souls on board comprising four passengers, a pilot and a required mechanic to assist in the cockpit. Load factor on the metal heavy was 2.64 compared to the Cub's 1.64.

The Junkers was low-wing design at a time (1919) when all aircraft had two or more appendages. Its single metal wing covered 430 sq. ft. Fully loaded the aircraft weighed in at 4,410 lbs. In 1930 the Cub was united with a lightly loaded USA 35B airfoil measuring 178.5 sq. ft. Originally of wood and fabric, today it's a frame of aluminum and carbon fiber with durable synthetic covering.

The tube-and-fabric construction of the high-wing Legend Cub gives it a 1,700 lb (1,320 LSA) max takeoff weight. At 22'-5" in length and 35'-6" in wingspan the Cub is comparatively three-quarter-scale to the F13's 31'-6" length and 48'-9" wings. The contrasts and similarities between these early aircraft designs are striking.

Legend Cub
In the air is where classic elegance of the Legend Cub really sparkles.

By any measure both the F13 and the Cub are legendary aircraft. More remarkably, both are still flying today.

For more information on the Junkers F13, visit

For more information on the Legend Cub, visit or call 903-885-7000.

READBACK The Legend Cub in Pictures

Legend Cub aircraft are scattered about the continental U.S. and even places abroad. Often we receive photos and stories from their pilots. They come from Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Flickr, Pinterest, Shutterfly, Photobucket... to name a few. Here we feature some of our favorites and encourage you to share some of yours.

Pictures from OZ, courtesy of Dan Compton, Wings Out West

Legend Cub

Legend Cub

Legend Cub  Legend Cub

Legend Cub

Legend Cub

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