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NEWS Tweety is Teaching Kids to Fly Taildraggers

Tweety, the Legend Cub built to venerate the enduring Piper J3 Cub, has been flying since 2005. This was the aircraft that introduced the world to a newly manufactured Cub. Tweety was the first Legend Cub and was recently renewed by American Legend Aircraft Company. Its purpose at present is putting teenagers in the cockpit and nurturing their interest in learning to fly.

Legend Cub - Tweety
The first-built Legend Cub returns, rebuilt and ready to teach kids to fly taildraggers.

Earlier this year, Daryl Hickman took delivery of Tweety following the formation of Kids Fly Cubs. He will use the aircraft to expand the new program. Noting that schools nationwide have modest aviation programs, if any at all, Hickman believes interest in aviation among youth remains untapped. The missing piece is that many kids in their teens have actually never flown in a light airplane. Through Kids Fly Cubs, the opportunity to fly for the first time, with a loggable flight lesson, is now more accessible.

Legend Cub - Tweety
Introduced in 2005, Legend Cub #1 characteristically earned the nickname Tweety.

"What better way to learn how to fly than in a taildragger Cub? That's the idea behind a new organization called Kids Fly Cubs, which is working to set up learn-to-fly promotions using Legend Cub serial number one loaned by American Legend, the Texas-based company that has been manufacturing updated Cubs for more than a decade," reported Paul Bertorelli from Sun 'n Fun 2018.

Legend Cub
Take a kid flying in a Legend. It will generate a smile every time. - Joey Humphrey

Organizations such as the EAA Young Eagles program have been cultivating new pilots for some time. Also filling the gap is AOPA's You Can Fly initiative that promotes aviation to high school students. Kids Fly Cubs hopes to expand these ideas further by taking teens beyond the first flight, helping them to log flying time and teaching them taildragger techniques.

For more information on Kids Fly Cubs, visit or call 386-473-1518.

For more information on the Legend Cub, visit or call 903-885-7000.

NEWS Cub Sweepstakes Abound

Everywhere you look it's plainly apparent that the sweepstakes aircraft of choice is none other than the Piper Cub. If you're the sort of person who likes a try at luck, then we hope you find that Cubs are kismet. Entrants are crowing in anticipation. The Cubs being offered this round are superb examples of the joys of aviation.

Legend Cub - AOPA Super Cub Sweepstakes
You can win a refurbished Piper Super Cub in the AOPA Sweepstakes.

Legend Cub - AOPA Super Cub Sweepstakes
You can win a refurbished Piper J-3 Cub in the EAA Sweepstakes.

Desire, passion and an appreciation for the purity of flight pretty much sum up the allure of the Cub. Soon, some lucky winners will be taking one home. For others, it's possible to spare the worry and guarantee the delivery by ordering a new Legend Cub or Super Legend. The best part about ordering one new is the ability to customize it to your exact specifications. For example, carbon fiber amphibious floats are an option as well as a fully integrated Garmin digital cockpit. Plus, the new Legend Cub comes with a choice of engine and performance mods that will be the envy of every backcountry bear you encounter.

To guarantee the delivery of your new Legend Cub or Super Legend, visit or call 903-885-7000.

ADVENTURE Sporty's Legend Cub Winner

Twice American Legend Aircraft Company has partnered with Sporty's Pilot Shop on their sweepstakes aircraft. The winner of round two was Doug Marchant of Norwich, NY, and he's making the most of his good fortune.

Legend Cub - Sporty's Sweepstakes
This Sporty's Sweepstakes Cub was presented to Doug Marchant in May 2017.

Now flying with friends in upstate New York, Doug is fully enjoying his Legend Cub. His Cub excursions include getting together by flying around to their fields and farms. Since winning the Legend Cub he has taken it to many fly-in breakfasts. Such places include Greene, NY, where Doug says, "There's a really nice restaurant on the field called Lippy's that is a frequent stop for our little group."

While not his first airplane, Doug also flies a 1948 Cessna 170 and Beech Bonanza, he noted, "The Legend Cub is a terrific airplane that I am honored to be the owner of." He's also been teaching his son how to fly in it and he's put three others on the insurance. These others have been giving a lot rides, to both first timers and experienced pilots.

Legend Cub - Sporty's Sweepstakes
Sporty's Sweepstakes Cub feeling right at home at Southtown Dairy International.

The annual fly-in at Southtown Dairy in New Berlin, NY, has always been a regular stopover for Doug. It takes place at Dave Dickey's farm where, "The group of pilots has named the airstrip Southtown International. It's a beautiful runway and setting," according to Doug. He pointed out that camping is offered there during the summer months.

Among the recognizable pilots who frequent the Southtown Dairy event are AOPA president Mark Baker and staff member Katie Pribyl. There's also Martha Lunken, a well-known flight instructor and contributing editor to Flying magazine. "Many are lifelong friends and familiar faces," said Doug. Two others who attend the fly-in include Joe Lowenstein, who flies corporate for P&G, and John Weidman, a retired US Airways captain who also flies a Super Cub. "They took over the Sporty's Cub one weekend," and according to Doug, "Gave rides throughout the day for the benefit of non-flying guests." The event has become a highlight of his summer excursions. Dave noted that typically 15 to 20 planes attend, calling it, "A truly grass roots group. Clams on the grill and steamed corn are served."

Legend Cub - Sporty's Sweepstakes
Legend Cub is based in Norwich, NY, also home to an active group of balloonists.

Home base for Doug's Legend Cub is Lt. Warren E. Eaton Airport where they hold an annual Airport Community Day event that includes an EAA Young Eagles program, antique cars, local farmers market, fly-in, music and displays. According to Doug, "We gave somewhere around 85 rides last year. The Legend Cub has become a fixture there."

Commenting on his airport colleagues, Doug said, "Years ago a friend gave me a balloon ride. It was fun but I have to say it's a lot easier to pull the plane out of the hangar and go for a ride. I do very much enjoy watching them. I often take friends of the balloonists up for rides so they can see the balloon in flight."

Possibly the youngest beneficiary of the Sporty's Sweepstakes Legend Cub is Sully, and he's logging a lot of flying time. He's Dave Dickey's son Sullivan who loves flying in the "Yellow Plane." Sully's dad owns a Lance and a Clipper, apparently a devotee of all planes Piper.

Legend Cub - Sporty's Sweepstakes
Sully enjoys flying in the Legend Cub, here with retired US Airways Captain Stan Edwards.

If all goes as planned, the second Sporty's Sweepstakes Legend Cub will remain in the family for two generations. Doug's son Chris is a student pilot who occasionally posts their adventures on Instagram @sportyslegendcub. He's also flown with his father in the Bonanza and the 170. Though now living in Florida, he's put some 20 hours in the Legend Cub. "Dad had a Cherokee when I was growing up. But we went many years without an airplane. If I was to choose among them, the Cub is the one I want to fly," affirmed Chris.

To know more about beginning your adventures in a Legend Cub, visit or call 903-885-7000.

LIFESTYLE Twice a Winner, Piper Tri-Pacer Restoration

First appearing at AirVenture 2017, Mark Wyant of Dallas won a Reserve Grand Champion Silver Lindy for his restored 1958 Piper PA-22-160 Tri-Pacer. At Sun 'n Fun 2018 Wyant and his Tri-Pacer scored a second win taking home a Reserve Grand Champion Contemporary award.

Legend Cub - Tri-Pacer Restoration Silver Lindy
The twice award-winning Piper Tri-Pacer restored by American Legend Aircraft Company.

This was the airplane in which Wyant learned to fly in 1976. It also served to launch his career as a commercial airline pilot. 40 Years later, the Tri-Pacer was given a complete down-to-the-frame restoration by American Legend Aircraft Company. The work was extensive, an effort worthy of its years. One example was the fabric selected for a reupholstered interior. It was obtained as new, old stock from a supplier who serviced Ford and Mercury car dealers in the same model year as Piper built this plane.

Legend Cub - Tri-Pacer Restoration Silver Lindy
The restored Piper Tri-Pacer was meticulously detailed inside and out.

Wyant reminisces while flying his Tri-Pacer, an aircraft prized for its ruggedness, spacious cabin, and, in its era, impressive speed. Today, he operates a Cessna Citation Mustang, nowadays known for its ruggedness, spacious cabin and impressive speed. His astute sensibilities and attention to detail can be seen in all aspects of the restoration project.

For more information on Restoration Services at American Legend Aircraft Company, visit or call 903-885-7000.

LIFESTYLE I Would Love to Own a Piper Cub One Day

Sound familiar? "I would love to own a Piper Cub one day" is a common sentiment among pilots, young and old. In issue no. 41 of Liaison Brief, we featured 17-year-old Mandolyn McAbee expressing her desire to learn to fly a Piper Cub someday. In this issue, the passion for the Cub persists. Amy Reiss is both a student of aeronautics and an ambitious pilot "chipping away" at her ratings.

Lady Taildragger Cub Pilot
Amy Reiss dreams of owning a Piper Cub one day.

Amy noted on the Ladies Love Taildraggers website that her dream taildragger is the Piper Cub. She also expressed her desire to offer tailwheel endorsements and PPL training in a Cub on completion of her CFI. "I am drawn to the old souls who soar the skies," she says. "When I fly a taildragger, I feel as though I'm taking a flight back in time and enjoying the very beginning of the aviation world as if I was there."

Fellow Ladies Love Taildraggers patron Gail Stillings Burch replied to Mandolyn's post welcoming her to, "Come on up to north Florida, we have a two J3 Cubs and an American Legend Cub." There had to be a Legend Cub connection!

Read about Amy and ladies like her who love taildraggers at

For more information on flying a Legend Cub, visit, or call 903-885-7000.

NOTES Fuel System, Fuel Lines

Of note to Legend Cub owners, we've included the following on the Legend Cub fuel system. As operators are aware, every Legend Cub comes with dual fuel tanks, one in each wing root. The system is a simple, yet effective, gravity flow design that offers superb range. To ensure its proper operation, here are a few service items to keep in mind:

Legend Cub Fuel Level Sight GaugeFirst, a new tank balancing kit is now available which offers a more rapid method of ensuring equal amounts of fuel in both left and right side tanks. This kit is easy to install and can be purchased from American Legend Aircraft Company.

Second, in both the Inspection Checklist and a previously issued Service Bulletin, owners are reminded to replace aging fuel lines. The checklist points out that on annual condition inspection the flexible fuel lines in the wing root areas should be examined with respect to security, leaks and age. Life limit for the blue translucent polyurethane fuel lines is eight years. The Service Bulletin, SB-06-11-12-1.pdf, offers details on their replacement.

Third, while working on the fuel system, it's a good idea to check proper function of the fuel drains. These can be found under each wing near the wing roots and one on the belly of the aircraft. Be sure to clear out not only water that can settle in these areas but also particles that can bind to the rubber seals and cause leaks. Over time the rubber seals on these valves can wear out so their replacement is necessary. An article on this appeared in the March 2018 issue of PIPERS magazine.

One last item related to the fuel system on the Legend Cub pertains to the fuel sight gauges in the cockpit. A barber pole / candy stripe background serves to make the fuel level more visible. Click here to download a printable PDF file with simple instructions on its application.

For more service advice on the Legend Cub and Super Legend, visit, send an email to, or call 903-885-7000.

READBACK The Right Cub: After-the-Sale Service and Trouble-Free

First, hello everyone. I am new to the Cub world. All my time has been in a DA40 or RV-10, and I finally got tired of watching all the fun you guys were having in these YouTube videos, so if you can't beat them... join them. I am looking at buying a fun STOL plane to get comfortable and learn in, and then go do some fun, safe stuff.

I appreciate all the great replies to this thread [American Legend vs Cub Crafters]. After reading through this entire thread again, you won't go wrong with either. But honestly, for as much support for both brands, I got four private messages from people expressing their displeasure with one of the brands. The biggest complaints were numerous ADs at the customer's expense, propriety of parts used, difficulty getting parts, and after-the-sale service.
- Chad R

I bought the Legend AL3 because it is very well built, solid, light, and has few proprietary parts. The second reason I chose Legend is Darin Hart, the owner. He is as straight-up and as genuine a good fellow as can be found. I specified the details of my airplane, they built it and transferred it to me on time and at budget. Nary a problem was had, not one... not even a glitch. And the airplane is completely trouble-free. The fit, finish, and performance are flawless.
- Jasperfield

At American Legend Aircraft Company, we appreciate all the comments sent via our website and elsewhere. This input is extremely important and building the Legend Cub is about creating an experience that our customers truly desire.

FLIGHT OPS Owners Share Their Passion for the Legend Cub

Legend Cub in Brazil
The Legend Cub is flying in Brazil. Photo by owner Giovanni Souza.

Legend Cub
Interpretation of the Legend Cub instrument panel by Eva Konopka @miinneeaa.

The Legend Cub makes its first flight in Germany. Video by owner Jeff Huntoon.

EVENTS Plan to See The Legend Cub

At the factory, Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport - KSLR, Sulphur Springs, Texas

At the World's Greatest Aviation Celebration, AirVenture Oshkosh in Oshkosh, Wisconsin - July 23–29, 2018

Texas STOL Roundup in Hondo, Texas - September 28–30, 2018

Sport Aviation Showcase in Deland, Florida - November 1–3, 2018

See the Legend Cub and Super Legend at these and other great events. Call 903-885-7000 to confirm an appointment or to arrange a demo flight.

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