Master of Science in Land Development – Texas A&M University

Fat Mac 512K enhanced

While working to earn a Master of Science degree in Land Development at Texas A&M University, I bought my first Macintosh—a Mac 512K enhanced. Finally, a computer for non-programmers. The Mac impassioned creative minds to flourish beyond the tedium of bits and bytes. My first “Fat Mac,” so called for the quadrupling of its predecessor’s 128K of memory, would later inspire the construction of a Macquarium. Numerous Mac purchases ensued, including an SE, Quadra 700, Mac IIcx, PowerBook 100, Color Classic, Macintosh TV, iMacs, and MacBooks. Each subsequent purchase served as a productivity tool in careers in design, engineering and marketing. For many years, when Apple was still Apple Computer, I consulted in information systems and held a role as an Authorized Apple VAR (Value Added Reseller). The masters degree got postponed but the inspiration to work more efficiently and creatively was largely attributable to the genius of Macintosh.

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