SwitchBox Remote Power On/Off

SwitchBox Free App Controls Aircraft Pre-heat with New Technology

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 21, 2014 – SwitchBox introduced its SwitchBox app for remotely controlling electrical devices with a new industry-first technology. Specifically designed for pilots, SwitchBox offers a simple, affordable and safe way to remotely turn on/off an aircraft’s pre-heat system and other electrical devices. The newly revised app offers expanded capabilities and greater convenience. It’s available free for use on iOS and Android devices, as well as Web browsers.

Pilots frequently drive to the airport hours before a flight to turn on engine pre-heaters, computers, lighting, coffee makers, space heaters, etc. With SwitchBox, these electrical devices can be easily controlled from a smart phone, simplifying the flying routine. Similar to a cold engine start, sensitive avionics need to be protected while operating in extreme temperatures. With the addition of a remotely switched on cabin heater, avionics and other frozen surfaces, such as cockpit seating, can be warmed and ready on arrival.

The SwitchBox app adds new technology and a host of features. These include an industry-first, Internet enabled phone and text message commands allowing the SwitchBox to be controlled from iPads, tablets and any computer connected to the Internet. Users can now visually manage their outlet status, reception strength, account balance/alerts, and custom security lists. More advanced users will appreciate the app’s improved flow for adding new SwitchBox devices, synchronization of properties between devices, refresh of data from cloud storage, and timer capabilities.

SwitchBox was originally developed to provide a safe and efficient means for aircraft owners to preheat their aircraft engines during wintertime operations. Its functionality has been greatly enhanced with the addition of the free SwitchBox app, available for immediate download on the Apple and Google stores. The SwitchBox device, a smart power outlet, sells for $299. It is budget smart, and provides an alternative to leaving heat plugged in all winter, or for extended periods of time. SwitchBox saves on electricity consumption and can prevent corrosion caused by temperature variations and moisture accumulation in an idle engine. The free app is a great improvement for sharing a Switchbox across multiple airplane partners and devices.

Customer Jaden Rosenau stated, “Love it. Switchbox works way better than any other one, especially for me and my aircraft partners.” Another user of SwitchBox, Phil Switzer commented, “Excellent App. This app is the answer we have all been looking for as SwitchBox owners. Syncs across my Android phone, iPad and computer at home.”

SwitchBox is a remote control device with integrated cell phone communications for powering on/of any electrical device simply, affordably and safely. The company is an innovator in convenience solutions for pilots and others who lead an active lifestyle. SwitchBox comes with a 1-year manufacturer parts and labor warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantee. SwitchBox can be found at Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co., McFarlane Aviation Products and online forums for Beechcraft, Cirrus, Cessna, Piper and Vans RV aircraft.

For further information, contact SwitchBox, Inc. at 347-871-4353; or visit www.switchboxcontrol.com.


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