TDG Aerospace Press Relations

TDG Aerospace, a small product manufacturer of global impact, sought assistance with their in-house PR efforts. This followed receipt of FAA approvals on a patented new fault safety device for aircraft. The company had successfully inked sales agreements for the product with three major customers: American Airlines, Continental Airlines, and DHL.

Connect Communications engaged with TDG getting the news out over a broad spectrum, including WebWire, CNBC, AIN, BusinessWire, Reuters, SpeedNews, and Aviation Today, among others.

The first collaborative announcement was for a new order with US Airways, in November 2008. Again, in March 2009, TDG gained approval for the device’s installation in the Hawker Beechcraft 4000, and Connect Communications served up the news to the business jet market. This was followed by an April 2009 announcement of the safety product’s application on a fleet of Boeing 757 freighters for UPS.

UFI 3000 Universal Fault Interruptor

UFI® by TDG Aerospace is a low-cost, lightweight device used to reliably monitor and protect aircraft fuel pump systems from electrical faults, extended dry pump operation, and un-commanded pump operation. The UFI device is unique, and FAA mandated, to a specific function. It’s also a smart device that stores performance data for download and analysis. UFI is STC approved for installation on a variety of aircraft in the U.S., E.U. and elsewhere.

In working with TDG, it was discussed that having Connect Communications more involved in day-to-day activities served to better recognize opportunities for marketing communications. This would allow both parties to: 1) Identify opportunity and develop solutions to assist with increased awareness of business activities, 2) Ensure ideas get published to increase visibility with customers and among market partners, and 3) Strengthen market presence and build brand awareness within a targeted community.

As an example, Connect Communications would use press relations to announce any number of completed equipment installations, while translating such achievement into increased safety for passengers. The news of the product application communicates more effectively as a passenger safety benefit.

Following a successful PR launch, these stories would evolve into a customer profile which then gets published to back up the ease and success of an installation.

A top-tier PR/marketing partner, such as Connect Communications, recognizes and works intuitively to identify geopolitical trends that affect products and markets. In this case, commercial airlines had become a legislative priority, following a widely publicized airline disaster, as government pushed a public agenda in disfavor of private air travel and legislative action on bolstering safe commercial air travel.

Connect Communications helped to position TDG as a leading provider of safety solutions, and successfully got the attention of the press and market influencers.

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